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Harness the power of human energy in a positive way with a Journey Map to maximize your full potential.

Human energy lies at the centre of all human outcomes and is key to everything we do. It is infectious and can affect us both positively and negatively. Join the Play Blue, Personal Energy program with Journey Map. Here you’ll learn why human energy is so important, where it comes from and how to maximize […]

New perspective

Insights into harnessing the power of human energy

Embracing positive human energy is the key to maximising our individual potential and that of whole organisations and communities. In this short blog Colin Hall discusses how “energy spectacles” can help us discover and unlock our unique flow of positive energy which will, in turn, enable us to achieve more in our personal lives and […]


The (un)friendly world – perspectives that either inspire or leave a lot to be desired

We all see the world through a different lens – one that is coloured by our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. By practicing to see the world through a blue lens we can begin to grow and help others to do the same. But, if we cling on to our red lenses, we are just existing […]