You can’t go anywhere with a flat battery !

I was approached to join a valued friend on a current affairs radio show. Not surprisingly the topic was?….Covid!

She suggested two questions with which we should start .

The first is how to avoid the Covid virus ?

And in answer to that question, there is lots and lots of good advice available.
Wash your hands, don’t touch your eyes ears or mouth, avoid physical contact with others, stay at home, avoid crowds and more!

The second is just as serious..perhaps very much more so….and that is what if the virus gets into you, how do you fight it?

If there was a vaccine or a pill, the answer would be easy and the questions would be about where to get them, and where to find the money to buy them. Right now there doesn’t appear to be.
So the task falls squarely on your immune system. Essentially your white blood cells!
And what we know is that if your energy is positive and high our simple language, your battery is fully charged … your cells are fired up to win the battle!
If your energy is negative…you have little or no spark…your white cells can’t find the vigour to fight! Simple as that!
Other questions emerged predictably… “ what lies beyond ? “ who knows?  But those with charged batteries will manage better! That is a certainty.
If that makes sense there is always the last question that inevitably pops up…HOW.  How do I find the positive energy I may need desperately to boost my immune system?
How can I find the energy I need to cope with the frightening economic disasters that surely lie ahead, for most if not all of us
How do I charge my battery?  And then how do I keep it charged.   And help others whose batteries are flat?
My son Steve and I have been asked that question by almost all of the 70000 or more fellow travellers with whom we have shared the wisdom of positive energy over 27
years. A simple answer has emerged …and it costs nothing! And we can give you simple tools to build and maintain your own battery charger.

Energy comes from relationships!

Positive energy comes from good relationships, which we call BLUE relationships
and negative energy comes from bad relationships …which we call RED relationships.
We start with a simple easy to understand common language…BLUE or RED
( years ago I wrote a little but profound book called “People’s…a book for little peoples and big people’s too.”   It makes the BLUE and RED  language really simple…and helpful …and fun!   You can read it HERE )
The two most important relationships we all have are the relationship within me and the relationships around me.
We call the relationship within me, the Real Me and the Ego I and the relationships around us Real Me and Real You….or sadly and quite often, the Ego I and the Ego You

The Real Me and the Ego I.

The Real Me is that unique,  deep inside, solid and trustworthy Me ..the same predictable, every day Me….the BLUE ME. The Me you can trust.   The Ego I is that Me that acts, plays roles, tries to show off and please others, conforms..and sometimes doesn’t tell the truth even about little things …the RED I.
Very simply…when I am Real I create BLUE energy…but when I am playing games, when I am doing things that aren’t really Me , My Ego I creates RED energy.

The Real Me and the Real You…or the the Ego I and the Ego You.

When the Real Me, the BLUE ME, is in touch with the Real You, the BLUE YOU, our Blue energy spirals upwards and infects others around us positively.
But if we play Ego I to Ego You, we create negative, Red energy aplenty!  Watch what sometimes happens in rush hour traffic, and between so called Super Powers!  That’s often Red Red!
That’s the critical but easy to understand logic.
The challenge is to play a little more BLUE and a little less RED within and around you every day!  And then more and more BLUE and less and less RED because we find it’s really working! And our energy reaches new levels!  And stays there! Our batteries are fully charged, and using jumper cables we can help others charge theirs. At Work, at Home and around and about.
And most important in these challenging even threatening Covid times, our fully charged batteries keep our immune system functioning at its peak!
So the original question “How?”  Becomes two, quite easy questions to which there are quite easy answers. Everyone can do what we suggest. Everyone can warm or chill a relationship when they choose to.
Here are some simple exercises.

The Real Me and the Ego I …the Blue Me and the Red Me .

Take a large piece of paper and on one side write down all the things that when you think about them, give you energy.  Your BLUE LIST.
What you like doing…writing, reading, exercising, meditating, praying, dancing, singing, cooking, listening to music, drawing, fixing things, gardening, your pets, watching special T.V or special movies ..and and and?
What you like eating. Your favourite snack or meals? ( For me it’s roast lamb and green peas followed by apple pie and farm cream!)
Where you dream of travelling to one day..and any other things you dream of doing or becoming?
What you hope to change in your life.?
Who you would like to meet?
And any more you can think of.
On the other side make a list of the things around you that sap your energy when you think about them.
Crime, fake news, racism, poverty, bad driving, pollution, litter, dishonesty even in little ways, showing off, over competitive behaviours, being pushed around, rudeness,
 greed, unfriendliness, bad service, bad temperedness, shouting, stupidity, selfishness and Brussels sprouts or Currie…my two least favourite foods.
This sheet of paper becomes what we call our “Wish List” and everyone’s will be somewhat different. The first “How ?” then becomes obvious. Do or plan or at least think about what’s in the Blue list and try to think less and do less that’s on the Red list.
Every day!  One or two!
Energy survey

The Real Me and the Real You.

This is even easier!
Three simple guidelines.
How you greet!   How well you listen!   How much and how honestly you share.
Not only those you love…those closest to you…but the waiter, the car guard, your neighbour, the policeman on duty, the cashier, the petrol attendant, the roadside sweepers, the children playing noisily next door… whomever you meet .and greet them by name if possible…and if you don’t know it tell them your name and ask them theirs.

And more than that, call or message one or two people each day with whom you haven’t been in touch, and greet them…listen to how they are…and share something that is happening in your life, even if it’s not easy. Think back to when you first met, remember, reflect, reminisce, reflect…piece a lovely story together.Listen while they add in pieces you did you know or couldn’t remember.

Keep sharing!
When you are listening and really sharing, you and the person on the other side is too, the Energy is Blue and both batteries get charged.
Essentially the simple mantra is “Play a little more BLUE and a little less RED. every day.
Should you want to try our longer learning about Blue and Red, it’s available on a video based program which Steve and I have called our Personal Energy Journey JOIN THE ENERGY PROGRAM
We had fun making it, and we hope that you, your family and your friends who can share it too, will enjoy it. It’s from us with love.
So the simple daily mantra we use is “Play a little more BLUE and a little less Red, every day !” Then watch the reaction of those around you and feel your own energy rising.