There is a popular daily on line  word game called Wordle which challenges the player to find a hidden five letter word in a maximum of 6 attempts. It has made me very aware of short simple words. 

Joyfully i found two five letter words that describe everything that Steve , my son, and i, have been trying to share for the last 30 years.  They are TOXIC and TONIC.

TOXIC describes the impact of negative Energy …of stress , depression, tension anxiety and their inevitable impact on one’s physiology, indeed upon every one of the ten trillion cells we house in our bodies, upon other humans  around us, and believe it or not, on the whole planet.

TONIC describes the blessing of positive Energy, and its wonderful impact on everyone and everything around us.

We have been inspired on our journey by the wisdom of Oscar Wilde who said :

“ To live is the rarest thing in the World…most people just exist”. So sad because the percentage of people with what we call “ flat batteries” is high and growing fast!!

Those people who are just existing are TOXIC…those who are full of Energy are a precious TONIC to all around them.

Can we change from TOXIC toTONIC?…can we change from negative to positive? 

The answer thank goodness is a resounding “ YES “.

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