Wldlife tracking

Wildlife tracking

Tracking – the oldest science known to mankind.

Steve and I share a deep love and respect for the Bush. I observe and enjoy its therapeutic value. Steve does that too, but he also studies it avidly.

Can you imagine how exciting it is for us to share its wisdom with Clients who are on our Leadership Journey and can take time to sit alongside a river, or around a fire in the Boma, or under a Riverine Fig and become humble and open to new learnings?

Steve has always yearned to use TRACKING as a metaphor for Corporate Clients, and as an alternative to shared learning in a conference room.

Massmart’s Internal Audit Services team liked the idea and 33 wonderfully diverse and enthusiastic colleagues went tracking rhino in the Spioenkop Game Reserve near Bergville in the Drakensberg.

In groups of six, accompanied each by an experienced tracker and a seasoned guide, they had a life-changing experience and from it a profound cluster of wisdoms that will have a lasting impact upon not only how they do their work, but as important, on how they live their lives – as individuals and as part of a much wiser and more functional team.

Their leader wrote to us as follows:

“We are left highly energised, and I am certain that there are “quantum”; thoughts going on in our team that will pay fruit over time as they turn into real items for delivery.

The day following your sessions we did our values (using stop, start, continue) as a basis for testing whether they were appropriate and whether we walked our talk. The energy was really high and the quantum, conversation, relationship, right brain effort was fantastic and showed during our discussions and conclusions.

The same day we also did a session on “how to risk audit”; and this again gelled so perfectly with what we had experienced with you and the team. The game park experience was particularly useful for this, but all the other elements of conversation, relationships, energy and right brain jumped out from everywhere.

The last day was an experiment I tried, where I had the “diversity”; of our businesses as a theme so that our team could really begin to understand and appreciate how diverse our businesses are and this simply fell into place with right brain, conversation, energy and relationship discussions again emerging.

So as you can see we are ecstatic and thank you for taking us through a path that will lead us to some very new heights.”

Since that successful experience there is no doubt in our minds that it is a unique investment in individual and team effectiveness, with a lasting impact.

We would love to tell you more about it. Call me on 0825687887, or Steve on 0825687894