Mama Tambo’s wedding

Mama Tambo’s Wedding is a learning experience designed especially for Africa.

The challenge to each individual, and to the individual in teams, is to arrange a dream wedding for a precious daughter.

It is simple to understand and easy to get excited about as the learning unfolds. It is ideal for large groups – from a minimum of 40 to any number a venue can hold. It works best when the participants truly reflect the diversity of South Africa. As big as the group may be, every individual has a specific role to play throughout the experience – there are no passengers. It can be run and debriefed in as little as four hours, but it is ideal as the core experience in a whole unique and memorable seven-hour day.

The learning comes through the experience itself and then is comprehensively debriefed with an emphasis upon the issues and priorities of the client in the day-to-day work place.

Perhaps its most powerful learning comes from the constant lively cross-cultural dialogue and the exciting discovery of diversity as an extraordinary gift rather than a costly nuisance. People from all walks of life see each other differently and positively. The magic of Africa is that cultures so different can live and thrive side-by-side.

Participant’s Feedback on Mama Tambo’s Wedding

Feedback by Woolworths Finance Group – Conference held Thursday 30th Aug 2007:

Results from Questionnaire:

Mama Tambo’s Wedding was a good theme and the theme was relevant to the content of the day.

  • Strongly Disagree = 0%
  • Disagree = 0%
  • Agree = 30.6%
  • Strongly Agree = 69.4%

For you, what was the highlight of the day?

  • Wedding game, great fun
  • The planning of the wedding was great because everybody had to get involved.
  • Personally the part where we had to prepare for the wedding, team work was excellent and interacting with people that we just walk past at the office.
  • The amount of interaction and the vibe at the tables. Everyone enjoyed the sessions from bartering to singing.
  • The board game was a great way to network with new people and to work together as a team.

What aspect of the day was least effective?

  • The wedding game was a bit confusing but I still had lots of fun.
  • Needed more time for the main group activity ( board game)

Any other feedback?

  • I liked the theme and how it all just blended into the finance department, the day was great and not boring at all, very exciting.
  • Pretty awesome theme! Well done!
  • Good integration of learning and fun!
  • Overall this was a great event. I personally think everyone enjoyed themselves.