For individuals and/or teams. This is the perfect way to ensure that the energy journey sustains and accelerates. In monthly sessions we develop a new awareness of human energy and design and implement new tools to ensure its growth.

The Learning to Lead coaching experience is all about Human Energy.

It starts with three simple facts.

  1. When my energy is high, my performance is outstanding.
  2. But when my energy is low, my outcomes slump.
  3. And, when my energy is high I affect the energy of others, and they affect me. Unfortunately, low energy is just as infectious – maybe even more so.

Everyone agrees with the above, but they ask two questions.

  1. How do I get my energy up?
  2. How do I sustain it?

We have answers to the first question.

The second question is not as easy to answer because most of us live in a low energy environment in which human behaviours around us are based on the use of power, and not energy. Worse than that, most people just exist. When we get our energy up on a sustainable basis we live fully and that enables us to lead others, engaging their energy.

It is the journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro! As we master our own energy we harness the absolutely remarkable capacity of our conscious brain power and the extraordinary intelligence of our cells. We become fully alive and we are able to make an impact upon those around us that generates and releases huge quantities of positive human energy.

There are three ways to the summit.

  1. Discovering, nourishing and sustaining our own energy.
  2. Awaken the remarkable capacity of our own right brain and the innate BLUE behaviour of our cellular intelligence.
  3. Waking up, becoming fully alive and gently waking others.

Most of us need mountain guides when we tackle climbs we haven’t attempted before, and that is what our Coaching Experience offers. We offer Energy Guides – perhaps someone who can encourage, perhaps someone who can teach, but above all, someone who can make the journey infinitely fascinating.

Energy guiding in relationships with individuals and their teams excites us.

Mentoring vs Coaching

There are currently quite heated debates about what Coaching is and what makes a coach a Professional Coach, properly accredited, recognised and qualified.

Lines are being drawn to distinguish coaching from mentoring.

Sir Ken Robinson, in his book “The Element”, has this to say about mentoring and the four roles of a mentor. It may be helpful.

The 1st role is:


  • Recognising what makes the mentee special/unique; what their burning passion could be and where their Element might be?
    The 2nd role is:


  • Mentors lead us to believe that we can achieve something that seemed improbable or impossible to us before we met them. They don’t allow us to succumb to self-doubt for too long; or the notion that our dreams are too large for us. They stand by to remind us of the skills we already possess and what we can achieve if we work hard.
    The 3rd role of a mentor is:


  • Mentors can help lead us towards our Element by offering us advice and techniques, paving the way for us, and even allowing us to falter a little bit while standing by to help us recover and learn from our mistakes.
    The 4th role of a mentor is:


  • Effective mentors push us past what we see as our limits. Much as they do not allow us to succumb to self-doubt, they also prevent us from doing less with our lives than we can.
    Surely then, what a Coach does, is not so different to what a Mentor does?

Sir Ken goes on to say: “Mentors serve an invaluable role in helping people get to the Element. It might be overstating things to suggest that the only way to reach the Element is with the help of a mentor, but it is only a mild overstatement. We all encounter minor roadblocks and constraints on the journey towards finding what we feel we were meant to do. Without a knowledgeable guide to aid us in identifying our passions, to encourage our interests, to smooth our paths, and to push us to make the most of our capacities, the journey is considerably harder.”

(Sir Ken defines “The Element” as the point at which natural talent meets personal passion)