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At the time at the end of April 2002 when we first met to discuss the possibility of our Program together, I wasn’t too clear as to where this would lead us. What I did instinctively feel was the need for my team and I to be moved on in terms of our pictures of a possible future. Well, your team effort has done more than just that! Without exception we all feel it was an awesome experience, both individually as well as collectively as a team. Simply put, things will never be the same again! This is the start of a new journey, a new chapter, which will take us to places we were oblivious to earlier. We’ve agreed some practical action steps until we have some team time together again in Gauteng in September. Together, you make wonderful music! Thank you for sharing, for caring about each of us, and for helping us discover new pictures, not just about our future, but also about each other!

Corporate Client / August 2002

Thank you for offering me the amazing opportunity to become part of your wonderful course and world this past weekend. It turned out to be one of the greatest weekends of my career. I know and really believe that what I have learnt and experienced will have a huge impact on my career, as well as on my personal life, for a long long time, hopefully to last a lifetime! You are all inspirational people and I feel privileged to be able to be part of your world. This weekend was really one of my “kairos” weekends.

Travel Consultant

Thank you so much for your commitment to Judy, her team and MSN. I was never certain how this would turn out – but it exceeded my dreams (not even expectations). You’ve got a brilliant team around you, and I’m really looking forward to spreading the word and sharing the experience with Microsoft.

HR Manager / MSN Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA)

The course was a synthesis of the best thinking, but also had a lot of African philosophies in it. One that turned out to be a very powerful tool for us was something called “indaba”. Every so often all the leaders come in to see the chief with their grievances and issues. Each person speaks about the issue, and this continues right round, again and again. Gradually people shift position and you end up with a much deeper understanding of all sides of the story.

In the company, people are very high energy, motivated and intelligent. When we have meetings, you have loads of people talking and the debate isn’t very well-structured. So we’ve started using “indaba”. It’s incredible, it makes people more thoughtful and respectful of each other.

Judy Gibbons / head of MSN Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

With Colin Hall and a cast of wonderful facilitators, our executive team went through a series of exercises that brought a new perspective to the way we see our company and ourselves. During The Leadership Safari our executive team started to identify the opportunities and concerns that we face. We talked about the concepts of energy and how to inject more of it into our organisation. We began charting our vision for the organisation, where we can go and what we can be.

John Noel / Noel Group, USA