We greet you and welcome you to the energy journey

What are we referring to when we talk of ENERGY?

Our understanding of how human energy works is profound, thorough and has been exhaustively tested, particularly here in Africa, but we offer the simplicity on the other side of complexity. The content of all our experiences is fascinating, challenging and absolutely relevant to where we are in a world of increasingly rapid change.

The processes we use to share the leadership wisdoms create unforgettable high energy experiences that have the capacity to enable individuals, teams and organisations to become fully alive.
And sometimes, for the first time, experience the full creative capability of vibrant shared right brain capacity.

We have developed an energy measurement process which enables us to measure energy at three levels: personal, organisational and leadership energy. The final Report provides invaluable insight into current energy levels and future priorities and challenges within the team.

We call this our eQ Energy Survey.

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Learning to Lead offers the Why and the How of the profound impact of human energy upon all human endeavours. We are guides on the learning journey which we have shared with well over 25 000 extraordinarily diverse people since 1990.

On the leadership journey we have learnt :

  1. Why human energy is the key determinant of all human outcomes.
  2. How to master it on a sustainable basis.
  3. How to measure it.
  4. How to teach it and guide individuals and teams in unforgettable experiences in high energy learning spaces.
  5. How to embed this profound new energy awareness into new behaviours by individuals, teams and organisations.

Learning to Lead has become an expert guide on this unique and absolutely essential journey.

Human Energy Management

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Energy Survey

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Leadership Safari

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Mama Tambo’s Wedding

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Energy Day

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Wildlife tracking

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Learning to Lead offers a unique human energy experience for those who wish to lead more effectively. We specialise in Human energy management, our constant focus and theme, because it is the key determinant of human effectiveness. We all know that high energy individuals outperform low energy individuals, often by a mile! And that high energy teams are capable of flying while low energy teams aren’t teams at all.


This is the “Learning
to Lead” journey –
to live fully,
not just exist.


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