A ten-minute energy recharger

When your Energy is high your brain thinks better, when your Energy slumps, your brain stops thinking, and becomes reactive and emotional. 

We use a simple metaphor for high and low Energy…a motor car battery. When the battery is fully charged you can drive over mountain passes, but when it’s flat, you can’t drive out of your garage.

 We have developed a simple, but effective battery charger for human batteries so that users THINK better – students at school and university learning from home; business people trying to find ways to cope with the impact of Covid; people looking for jobs or desperately hanging onto the ones they’ve got; mothers who have to supervise home learning, do the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry; and those who are hungry, sick, homeless, lonely, depressed and desperately worried, who also need to THINK positively. 

All you need is a journal or just a piece of paper to write on, and a pen. Then try one or two, or even all four steps, depending on which grab you and how much time you have.

  1. Write down the names of three people, who when you think of them, your energy goes up. We call them “smiley faces” and they look like this 😃 😍. Then think about them for a minute. Call them if you can to tell them why you chose them for your list today. If you can’t contact them, send a mental love message. 
  2. Think of three places or things or scenes beyond your room, that, when you remember them or think about them, your Energy goes up. Mountains, trees , flowers, sunsets, holiday places, the bush, full moon, the sea, clouds, birds and bees…whatever. Write them down and remember them again. 
  3. Think of your five precious senses and write down three sensual experiences you enjoy when you stop long enough to really see them, truly taste or smell them, feel them or really listen. Eating a homemade muesli rusk, going barefoot, smelling a braai, watching flames in a fire, hearing the chattering of Egyptian geese flying by, your favourite music, a piece of dark chocolate, the smell of a freshly cut lawn, the feel of a hot shower, or just a fresh dry towel. 
  4. Spend a few seconds in front of a mirror and ask yourself what makes you special. What can you do that few others can do.  Where have you been that most people haven’t.  What can you do well, better than most others.  What have you learnt, painfully or joyfully that you value.  What sort of a friend are you. What makes people love you.  What do you love about your life. 

Read this list again as you prepare to sleep and ask yourself whether the exercise enriched your day? Whether your battery sparked into life when you needed it most? Whether you will spend 10 minutes on the same exercise tomorrow…or maybe a minute or two longer? 

Bless you, on your journey of starting each day with a spark, and then sharing as much positive Energy as you can.  Delighting the cells in your body, the people you meet even in your thoughts, and the wondrous universe in which we all belong. 

As energy coaches for individuals, for teams and for organisations. there has never been a time in our history when there are more flat batteries than those that are fully charged.

Our new norm is webinars, Skype and Zoom offering our Energy coaching from one on one. sessions to groups of 200 delegates or more and to offer you support in these uncertain times.

Stay safe and strong, love and energy to you all.
Colin & Steve