The only certainty in a Universe of constant change

Everyone is talking about “Change “ right now. Fear reigns in most people and communities. 

We are immobilized by uncertainty ..we have no idea of what might happen.

We accept those deep concerns, but then put all our focus on to one absolute certainty, which no one challenges…here it is….

Everything works better when Human Energy is positive…
Brain cells, immune systems, relationships, creativity, innovation, recreation, tolerance, generosity, resilience, courage, determination, a sense of humour, judgement, understanding, learning, integrity ..the list is endless!  And that appears to be a certainty…always has been, and surely always will be.

But all suffer when Human Energy is negative!  That too, is a certainty.

 Positive Human Energy, precious stuff…we call it Blue Energy…yet absolutely unlimited and free! Add it to everything humans do, and it enhances it..often hugely.

 Negative Human Energy, toxic stuff…we call it Red Energy…also unlimited and free.  Add it to anything humans do and it’s a disaster …sometimes fatal!

So why do Humans choose so much Negative Red Energy?  

They don’t choose it …they create it. 

How ? 

By the way they behave…towards themselves…towards others…and towards the planet.  They Play Red

Why behave that way?

Because that is what most of them have been taught.

Who taught them that? 

Different parents, different teachers, different experiences, different religions , different politicians, different circumstances..who knows?

So what can we do to make it a better place…for ourselves…for all others…and for our precious planet?

Be reminded of the pictures we were all born with….Blue Pictures. And then we have two sets of opposite pictures from which to choose…and a choice of two opposite behaviors that flow from them. We can continue to Play Red or we can Play Blue. The more Blue we play the more Positive Energy we create…the less Red we play, the less Negative Energy ?

Steve, my son and I have been sharing this simple wisdom for over 20 years with more than  70,000 fellow travelers , who like us  seek to live more joyful lives…playing more Blue and a lot less Red.