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Perhaps this is an opportunity for global galvanisation around conscious





What happens now are we lost in the dark

Is our world in lock down have we lost our spark

Is school really cancelled can we have a playdate

And if there’s no school can we please stay up late   


How do I answer these things my kids ask

That people aren’t sick if they wearing a mask

But dad you’ve taught me for ages to shake hands with a grip

And will we ever embark on that overseas trip


Yes it seems like we’re wrapped in a sanitized curtain

And it’s really not easy to embrace the uncertain

You see this thing is global we’re fighting a war 

Yet we are our army that we are looking for


How do we win dad can we beat this thing    

And if I’m a soldier what must I bring 

In all wars my boy there will be real tears and fears 

But I’m learning to about some helpful ideas


We are not alone although we are in isolation

 There are soldiers like you in every nation

Be kind to others and never be mean

And healthy soldiers always stay clean


Don’t shake hands in a greeting but please wash your hands

You have many strong allies in far away lands

And while it is imperative to look after yourselves

For gods sake leave something on the grocery shelves


This war is real and people lie dying

And their cause isn’t helped by our panic buying

Great soldiers stay calm they stay clear of insanity 

And this is the time to really practice humanity


Yes my girl there will be an end to this bug

And the times will come back to kiss and to hug

Look up from your laptop keep your feet on the grass

And like all things in life this too shall pass


And through all this chaos keep your sense of humour

For nothing spreads quicker then gossip and rumour

This might be the craziest time our worlds ever seen

But we will look back and say what a year this weeks been


So read that good book get out and play

For the sun will still rise like it has everyday

The greatest weapons we have are to love and to care

Hold your army close in thought and in prayer


I don’t know to much but i know this is true

That the smog skies of Wuhan are turning quite blue

There will be an end to this calamites weather

And like all great teams before us we will be stronger together


Stay safe, keep connected and lead with humanity

© Steve Hall