A 20/20 Vision for SA

So, what lies ahead in this year Twenty Twenty Perhaps it will be an abundance of plenty Plenty more laughs and moments of bliss And smiles so wide like a teen’s new year kiss! If Twenty/Twenty means to have perfect sight May this be the time of less dark and more light Could we find […]

Value on tangible and intangible things c

Value on tangible and intangible things

THE RED PICTURE Only tangible things …things you can measure in money terms …have value! Cars have value …the most expensive luxury cars, even more. Cellphones have value…especially the most up to date one. TVs have value…the wider the screen the better! Fancy houses, fancy clothes, gourmet food, luxury travel, jewellery…these all have a money […]

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Harness the power of human energy in a positive way with a Journey Map to maximize your full potential.

Human energy lies at the centre of all human outcomes and is key to everything we do. It is infectious and can affect us both positively and negatively. Join the Play Blue, Personal Energy program with Journey Map. Here you’ll learn why human energy is so important, where it comes from and how to maximize […]