Value on tangible and intangible things c

Value on tangible and intangible things


Only tangible things …things you can measure in money terms …have value!
Cars have value …the most expensive luxury cars, even more.
Cellphones have value…especially the most up to date one.
TVs have value…the wider the screen the better!
Fancy houses, fancy clothes, gourmet food, luxury travel, jewellery…these all have a money value.

But things like memorable experiences …like great ideas…like lovely real relationships…like inner harmony, even happiness…like love. These “things” have no monetary value so we don’t value them.


If this is my picture I become a sucker to the pressures created by the Capitalist System, of clever marketing and advertising and I become greedy. I need to own more and more, earn more and more, perhaps show off more and more, maybe even steal more and more!



Often intangible things like love, happiness, inner harmony, joy, good health, creativity and ideas, and peace have much, much more value than tangible ones.


With this picture, my search for a life of real value takes a new direction. I need different things, I seek different outcomes. I value relationships more. I need fewer material things. I share more generously. I fear less and laugh more. I live more joyfully.