power and relation

Power and relation


Power…power Over and power Against others are the best ways to get things done.
Over centuries Power has been used to make people do what their Masters require. Armies are
built on power. Big Corporates are designed to enable power to flow from the top down.
Politicians wield power. Police flex their power, so do parents, sometimes viciously and cruelly. The same is true for school teachers, bullies, neighbours, rival businesses, and even some Churches!


Power is my favourite tool… sometimes even my favourite weapon. I use it to get things done…my way! I use it to get others out of my way. I use it to bruise, to teach others lessons I think they ought to learn and skills I think they must have. I use it to beat others, sometimes even kill others. I use it to win and if, necessary, to be sure I don’t lose…either an argument, a fight, even a war.

We have chosen to describe these pictures as RED pictures. Generally, my Ego loves them …thrives on them in fact! It loves the Super-hero parts, it enjoys the bluffing games, it likes to dress up, show off, win Oscars. And sometimes it’s really happy to play
victim roles too!

The challenge for me was to truly see the Blue pictures and then start to behave differently…a little less Red every day, and a little more BLUE!



Harnessing and maximizing positive human energy gets things done faster, better and at a much lower cost. Power With ….rather than Power Over or Power Against.


With this picture driving my behaviour, I learn all I can about my energy, positive and negative, and try to master it. I become more mindful…I might meditate more…I am more cognisant about my diet, exercise and healthy living. These things help, but the real magic is when the relationships all around me become richer and richer with positive energy.

Taps open wide as I GREET more sincerely, and positive energy replaces any negative energy as I truly LISTEN! Then we share the energy that is flowing more freely to achieve our shared objectives. We can collaborate …we don’t see the sense in competing.

We have been comfortable calling these pictures “BLUE “pictures. They enable me to be more Real, more Authentic. They constrain my Ego. They encourage willing followership… I become a better leader.

So, very simply, I seek to play a little more BLUE and a little less Red every day.