We exist separately from one another and from the well-being of the Planet…what happens to others and to the Earth does not affect me. If I can’t see you, or if I don’t know you, I can’t affect your life, and nor can you affect mine. If I live in a rich neighbourhood, I don’t see what it’s like to struggle…and the struggles of those who have nothing are not mine. If I am bad-tempered or angry or have low energy…that’s my business, not yours. If I live far from the sea, the problem of plastic straws, which are killing dolphins, is not my concern. If I live in a country, far away from where you live, your issues are not mine to consider or care about.


With this picture in mind, I don’t care about others or their well-being or about the health of the
Planet. I am not generous towards those in need, the “have-nots”. I don’t see the struggles of others because I choose not to. I care for my garden and our park, perhaps even my favourite beach, but nothing beyond that. I am tidy but perhaps I am polluting. I don’t really agonise over things nor do I involve myself in too many issues – they are not mine!



Each of us is inextricably connected to every other person on the planet…and to every part of it. We share one energy…we affect one another. We are meant to work together, not against one another. Even trees talk to other trees to survive.


With this point of view, I become more mindful, more caring and careful, and much more
thoughtful. I am increasingly aware of the impact that my energy, positive or negative, has on
others. I seek to behave more responsibly towards the people in my network, and those beyond it because they too are a part of it. I am more community orientated. I hesitate before littering, polluting or wasting precious resources. I am most often in the “Now”, rather than in the unchangeable past or the unpredictable Future.