The (un)friendly world – perspectives that either inspire or leave a lot to be desired

We all see the world through a different lens – one that is coloured by our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. By practicing to see the world through a blue lens we can begin to grow and help others to do the same. But, if we cling on to our red lenses, we are just existing and not living.


The World is an unfriendly place…fear reigns.
Strangers cannot be trusted! People you don’t know could be bad people, especially if they belong to other races, speak other languages, come from other countries…live “below the
tracks”.  Even the fact that they look different…that they wear ragged clothes or haven’t shaved…makes them a threat.


With this picture I avoid strangers. I don’t GREET, I am anti-social, I build high walls and electric fences around me. I warn my children, I stereotype “baddies”, I lock everything, and perhaps even carry a gun!



The World is a friendly place…Love prevails.


This picture opens a wider world for me to experience and explore. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t risks, that there are no dangers, that I can go wherever I like…But, it does mean that I have choices.
So, I GREET people – even strangers, and even odd-looking ones at that – more spontaneously. I thank more warmly. I engage more fully. I listen with new interest. I connect. I make a friend.
I see more beauty. I grow.