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Paul Jones
Chief Executive Officer
LUX Resorts
June 2016

I have no doubt that you and Steve have done a most wonderful job with our teams.
I would say that you have achieved a universal acceptance from all the students of the Energy Journey - with great enthusiasm.
Thank you so much.
I feel the boost of energy throughout.

Dominik Ruhl
Regional Director Middle East and Maldives
LUX Resorts
June 2016

Having spent the past 2 days with you I was reminded how important it is to share positive energy amongst ourselves, and I am very happy to know that 28 colleagues will continue to work with you to ensure this Energy Journey can be shared with all of our colleagues throughout the group.

Afeef Hussain
LUX Resorts South Ari Atoll - Male, Maldives
June 30 2016

That was such a fantastic training. One thing I thoroughly enjoyed was yours and Steve's humility in sharing what you know. You were not trying to impress us, rather inspired us to be real and Use real life experiences to energize ourselves and people around us. I am humbled to be a part of this experiences and we shall meet in a near future. All the best and thank you so much for your energy and Insights into what human energy potential can do to this world!

Gareth Beaver : CENTRIQ
31 May 2016

We had an incredibly rich experience today, and the relationship back to our business is invaluable.
Our people today have been inspired and have a greater awareness.

Yvonette Munyai: Women's Development Bank

Dear Collin and Steve Hall

Hope these email finds you well.

I am grateful and thankful to all the emails and the letters sent to me. It is so encouraging and I'm inspired, I was busy reading the second letter. And it really speaks to my life.
Every time when I'm down your letters and book "fully Alive" picks me up.

I really appreciate it, Thank you so much.

Rachael: CSIR

Dear Colin,

I have recently re-visited your notes from our session in May 2013. I can never thank you enough for kick starting the journey of my rediscovery. The journey has just begun, but having the positive energy you instilled into me has brought about significant changes to me. For the first time in years I am seeing a world I had forgotten I truly belong in. Thank You!

Margaret Jiri : Women's Development Bank

The training was timely and well facilitated.
There was so much to learn and so much inspiration. Each Region was different, but one could tell the training was having an impact on all the participants.

Awie Vlok - Formerly CSIR, now University of Stellenbosch

You know what impact your stories and wisdom have had on me and the many people I have been able to link up with you, so my first comment is PLEASE keep building on this theme, give it wings and spread it via others channels.

While still quite new at the University, I am even more convinced of the need for and power of your message. I have been sharing bits with students and the response = WOW!


From: Vanessa Louw
Subject: Some feedback for Colin

Hi Colin

I have the feedback from SLP 8/11. They all loved you and your ratings were very high. Comments were:
Well, I think that about sums it up, Mr Hall. You can pat yourself on the shoulder to another VERY successful SLP.

Many thanks as always.


Lynn Worsley

Colin was invited by Bruce Wade (Entrepreneur Academy to address a group of entrepreneurs (on 19th July 2011). Lynn posted this comment on Bruce's Blog.

"As an entrepreneur and business owner, I challenge all and everyone to do a leadership course with Colin Hall, what an inspiration. What a pleasure and honour to have been a participant. A chance to see how my right brain thinks with quantum enthusiasm and my left brain holds me steady and whispers hey hold on that's not how it should be."

Dawn Malotane-Lindsey

"I met Colin when i owned and managed by own Construction Company. Colin not only trained me but was my mentor and Colin went to great lengths to assist me in getting sponsored by Kellogg, Rockerfella and various other sources to participate in his training course, get my Construction Education through Ntsika and EDSA and bridging finance to start and grow by business through the NURCHA program. Colin invested in me personally, my career and my business...the seeds he planted is still growing and faithful as the seasons still blooms and carry forth useful fruits...thanks Colin!"


Norman Gray:

I wanted to thank you and compliment you and your team on a job that was very well done for us. We are left highly energised, and I am certain that there are “quantum” thoughts going on in our team that will pay fruit over time as they turn into real items for delivery.

The day following your sessions we did our values (using stop, start, continue) as a basis for testing whether they were appropriate and whether we walked our talk. The energy was really high and the quantum, conversation, relationship, right brain effort was fantastic and showed and easy to see during our discussions and conclusions.

The same day we also did a session on "how to risk audit" and this again gelled so perfectly with what we had experienced with you and the team. The game park experience was particularly useful for this, but all the other elements of conversation, relationships, energy and right brain jumped out from everywhere.

The last day was an experiment I tried, where I had the "diversity" of our businesses as a theme so that our team could really begin to understand and appreciate how diverse our businesses are and this simply fell into place with right brain, conversation, energy and relationship discussions again emerging.

So as you can see we are ecstatic and thank you for taking us through a path that will lead us to some very new heights.


Lew Brown
Laerskool Hendrik Louw,

"Ek woon heelwat seminare (plaaslik en internasionaal) jaarliks by en my komplimente aan Colin Hall met sy werklik puik 'Learning to Lead' aanbiedings aan skoolhoofde. Ek het baie geleer, het baie om oor te dink en oorweeg dit sterk dat my hele personeel en beheerraad hierdie ervaring in denke en leefstyl moet beleef.

Gordon Reddell
Beaumont Primary:

'Learning to Lead' certainly met my expectations! It was one of the better courses that I attended and it certainly made me look at leading my team with greater understanding and empathy, with so many factors playing a role in any successful organization. My challenge now is to make EVERYONE feel a part of my life as their senior and leader, without infringing on too much personal detail. I, without a doubt, think it should be offered to other principals.
My view is that Colin is a sound investment for leaders and he needs to be complimented on the practical, humane way in which he conducted the course! I'm glad to have been part of it!

Chris Eksteen
Laerskool Bastion:

Die "Learning to Lead" kursus op Donderdag, 10 en Vrydag, 11 September was 'n belewenis. Dit is 'n "moet" vir alle opvoeders. Die Onderwysdepartement kan belê in sulke uitstekende kursusse tot voordeel van almal.


To me the presentation was good and fruitful; it inspired me as individual. The fact that I have to acknowledge that I am an individual and so is the other person and our ways of thinking and doing things is different, is something I have to recognize.
I have learnt how people's energy works and this gave me an insight as to why people act or perform differently at different times. It also made me aware of the fact that "big" successes are the results of small constant contributions (the fractals) made by the individuals that form the team. This point leads to ensuring good relationships among the team members who should always strive to keep the balance.
It was really inspiring and motivating, I enjoyed it.

Andre Filander
IMG Manager:
Circuit 5- Khayelitsha:

Thank you for this great opportunity of attending the course. It was truly empowering, and also very insightful. The format of the training was great. It was different from the normal type of workshops. It was also great to share and to mingle with principals in our circuit.

Xoliswa Manzezulu
IMG Manager:

I have learned that recognizing everyone at work/school has a good impact towards the person's energy. Passive people are ignored but I have to include them by listening to them individually. Capable teachers/people need to be challenged more. I have enjoyed the two days - my energy is highly BLUE.

Ms V.V.F. Stuurman
CES: Circuit Team Manager:

From my point of view this training has been immensely inspirational and insightful. It has enlightened us greatly with regard to strengthening relationships and how to make the little things count in both our personal development as leaders and those who draw their inspiration from us. In our current context this is a crucial factor and Principals are starting to respond to this in practical ways.


I will use the workshop to Change the school's Reds (disengaged; failures; uninspired) parents, staff, learners to Blues (energetic, high spirited, inspired) by means of fractals (small acts) repeated frequently at regular intervals and engage in POSITIVE relationships amongst all stakeholders and show effective connectedness towards a balanced school community. Emphasis on today's session: LISTENING: Give time to listen to people around you: one voice makes a difference. FRACTALS: We start building from small good things that will grow bigger. We are to take care of our place; take care of ourselves; and take care of others.
Fantastic workshop - my energy has been re-born.

Johan Engelbrecht:

Hiermee my opregte dank en waardeering vir die sinvolle opleidingsgeleentheid aan skoolhoofde deur Colin Hall. Wees verseker dat die twee dae baie insiggewend was. Hy het die skoolhoofde geinspireer tot nuwe hoogtes. Die samewerking in die groep was baie goed en ek is seker dat ons streek baie in die toekoms hierby sal baatvind.

S.M. Lategan:

Graag wil ek my dank en waardering teenoor u uitspreek vir die uiters positiewe boodskap.
Dit is 'n klein belegging wat die distrik probeer maak in die belang van gehalte onderwys. Ons glo en vertrou dat die belegging in die nabye toekoms sommer groot dividende sal lewer en dat ons skoolkinders al die voordele daarvan sal smaak.


Dankie dat ek so baie kon leer tydens die Learning to Lead seminaar. 'n Mens word nooit te oud om te leer nie. Colin Hall is 'n wyse man.

Jerome R. Solomons:

The sessions attended at the district office was of a very high standard. I went with certain expectations, which were by far exceeded. The presenters kept us motivated and inspired throughout.
It would be appreciated if a session of this calibre could be presented to the SMT of our school and other schools alike.

Johan Toerien
Fanie Theron Primary School:

Excellent! A must for all principals.

s Z. Muller
Kraaifontein A.M.E. Primary:

Thanks for the opportunity to attend the Principal's Workshop on the 7th and 8th September 2009 with Colin Hall "Learning to Lead".
It was a workshop from a different perspective of how to build sound relationships with people.

Bernard J. Simons
HS Gordon:

Mr die 2 dae werkswinkel saam met Colin Hall was meer as net goeie tyd spandering. Nie net voel ek potblou en besiel nie, maar ook verkwik tot in my siel. Colin en Marc was uitstekend in hul aanbiedings.
My opregte dank aan MOOD en die fasiliteerders van hierdie werkswinkel. Bestuursspanne sal beslis in die toekoms baie baat by hierdie werkswinkels vind - ek het.

D.N. Rampersad
IMG Manager:

The workshop provided a fresh and different view on learning to lead. Understanding leadership in terms of "energy" was something that I have never experienced before in my 25 years in education.
The activities were thought-provoking. We had to look deeper to find the answers, even the game with the nails. The activity where you had to listen and then talk for 30 minutes each really helped me "digest" the importance of listening. The TIMELINE diagram was the cherry on the top (for me). Looking back and learning from life's experiences, and reflecting on the defining moments in my life was a moving and emotional experience.
The workshop helped me realize that we do not have a lot of time left to do the things we always plan.
In conclusion: An excellent workshop that persuades us to manage our environments in terms of "Blue" energy, and using "Red" only when necessary.

Mike Erskine
Manager: SEEDS Education Initiative
University of Stellenbosch:

Many thanks for the opportunity of attending the Principals workshop with Colin Hall - I really enjoyed the experience and am sure that the two days spent with Colin were rewarding and thought-provoking for them.
The SEEDS programme has many facets to it, with enormous benefits to schools and individual teachers and learners. As programme manager it is my stated objective that all that we do is in consultation with and support of the WCED at its many levels. I would therefore be very happy to meet with you and other relevant colleagues at any stage to discuss the initiative in greater detail.
Thanks again for making the arrangements for the workshops - from what I observed, the very high attendance was testimony to the value of the sessions.

Andre Muller
Hoerskool Parel Vallei:

Dit was twee wonderlike dae saam met Colin. Die inhoud was so relevant en verrykend. My wens is dat fondse gevind sal word sodat meer kolegas aan iets soortgelyk bloot gestel kan word.

Mr M. E. Mofoking
IMG Advisor:

The workshop was very inspiring and forced us to look introspectively at our roles as public servants and for me as an IMG Manager specifically. Bringing a fresh perspective to our purpose and attitude to service.
The two day course really awoke some profound values that inspired me towards this career path as a young man some twenty years ago. One of the valuable lessons was the ability to channel my 'energy' and doing the 'quantum leap' in knowing I have a choice in HOW I respond to the challenges of my work and personal life.
Colin's amazing story telling technique blended with our strong afro-centric heritage and provided me the opportunity to seek that balance between my world of work and world of home. The notion of "playing it forward" echoing elements of a good "multi level marketing strategy", capacitating us not only with the necessary skills, but the tools as well to duplicate and share the learnings in all levels of our lives is an invaluable 'free' gift.
Once again it is proved that the interdependent relationship between business and the public sector is such an important catalyst in the transformation, redress and modernization of our corporate image as a global player.
I strongly recommend this course and wish Mr Hall and his team success in all their future endeavours.

Riaan de Waal
Gordon's Bay Primary:

I found Colin Hall's training very inspirational and energizing.
I feel that the WCED can definitely make use of his services in future.
More leadership or inspirational courses will be very welcome.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Mrs N. Mtimba-Dube
Ludwe Ngamlana Primary:

Learning to Lead workshop was a restoration, revival of the actual purpose. It has rebuilt me, uplifted my energy and my identity of being a leader and a manager so that we can have better relationships in the work place. I have discovered that it is about the "real me" and the "real you" - being red or blue.
Thank you MEC, WCED and MEED for affording school managers this opportunity. Hoping there will be a follow-up.

Following a highly successful "Leadership Safari" program for twenty eight of their senior executives, the HR Manager of MSN Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) wrote:
"Thank you so much for your commitment to Judy, her team and MSN. I was never certain how this would turn out - but it exceeded my dreams (not even expectations). You've got a brilliant team around you, and I'm really looking forward to spreading the word and sharing the experience with Microsoft."

Judy Gibbons, formerly head of MSN Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regarding her team's visit to South Africa and the Leadership Safari:
"The course was a synthesis of the best thinking, but also had a lot of African philosophies in it. One that turned out to be a very powerful tool for us was something called "indaba". Every so often all the leaders come in to see the chief with their grievances and issues. Each person speaks about the issue, and this continues right round, again and again. Gradually people shift position and you end up with a much deeper understanding of all sides of the story.

In the company, people are very high energy, motivated and intelligent. When we have meetings, you have loads of people talking and the debate isn't very well-structured. So we've started using "indaba". It's incredible, it makes people more thoughtful and respectful of each other."


Donald Grant:

"Thank you for your challenging and inspirational message. It is time to put the opportunity back where it belongs – at the coalface where people are given the opportunity to empower themselves and each other.

Yesterday's gathering was important and I hope that the “beating of the butterfly's wings” in Bitou will resonate throughout the Western Cape and our wonderful country.

I heard your message – loud & clear.

Carpe Diem."

Ansel Biesenbach:

"Thank you for the time you spent with us on the LTL Program. I've been working a lot with energy these past few years and your Program gave me such useful and inspiring ways to integrate "high frequency" energy into my life on a continuous basis!

Life is certainly all about balance. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of my personal energy and for being a walking and living example of high frequency energy.

Thank you for your wonderful inspirational energy and presence!"

Dear Colin and Team,
Thank you Colin for sharing such a unique human experience with us. It has been an exceptionally energising and spiritually uplifting moment in my personal journey (with infinite possibilities).

The energy that you create by sharing your experience with us is a wonderful and special occasion for us all. My learning is and will continue to be enriched by you and your marvellous team.

Many thanks for once again clarifying real and honest principles of life. It has been grand to experience energy as sourced from trust & information. I really hope to instill this experience as a habit.

Many thanks for the valuable time that you shared with us and me. Leadership and Life is a journey. Touching peoples lives has always been a life long objective. One forgets the simple things and I feel like (welcome back) to the real world. It is and was a special time. Thank you.

Thanks for helping me to see that "I can fly" if I want to, and that I need to let go and let others fly too! This course has been great for me, in helping me refocus my energy positively and realising a balance in my life. Thanks a million.

Thank you for the time and energy that you have shared with us and the belief you have in us to fly. Thanks for making us STOP-REFLECT-AND-THINK about what is important for us as individuals and for the business.

Thank you for inspiring me to believe in myself and motivating me. The time spent in this programme made me understand my Big Yes's and Big No which I never thought about!

Dear Colin and Team,
Never have I been on a programme that not only deals with the workplace, but affected my personal life so profoundly.

Thank you and I hope to take these learnings home with me,


Dear Colin and Team,
I really enjoyed this course. It opened my eyes for the obvious. I relly appreciated the time spent with you and my colleagues,


Dear Team,
Having been on various courses in the past, I am delighted to say that the content (and I hope the practical effect) of your course to be far beyond anything i have previously experienced. The privilage of being able to share this information I will view as a personal responsibility.

I salute you as 'leaders' in your field,
Ian Orgovanti

Amazing to me that the deep connection you have with our team, in such a short time! I truly appreciate your investment in us, and will do all I can to share this experience with everyone in my network. Your faith in us will come back to you in an infinite number of forms.

Fond regards,
Keith Seath

Dear Colin and Team,
My sincere & grateful thanks to you all for the wonderful course you facilitated. A special thanks to Colin for sharing very private learnings with us. Colin you are truly a very special person & I feel privileged to have spent the last three days with you.

With warm regards,
Sue Visser

Dear LTL Facilitators,
It's such a privilege to have this intervention once again in such a short period of time. Some of the concepts and experiences feel like they had occured long ago and others feel like they occured just yesterday. It's been about three years since my first participation. I feel as though I should schedule another one in the near future. Such is the value and impact the programme has on me. My life took a turn, the first time I was here. I took a continuous spiralling turn upwards in terms of my view and practices in life. I feel eternally enriched by the lessons I've learned.

I will always be greatful for this experience.

All the best to you and your smiling faces,



Wendy - The Space In-Between:

"Thank you for passing on all the lovely gems that you shared with us.
Your facilitation was excellent and kept my attention at all times. The content was fabulous and well presented. What I really noticed was your generosity in 'sharing' the floor and allowing other facilitators an opportunity.
I left feeling inspired, nourished and nurtured.
Bless you for making the difference that makes the difference!"

Steve - Scuba Equipment Africa:

"Thank you for a fantastic programme.
I am struck by a profound expanding of my heart and have a better sense of what I feel (most profoundly in the my workspace) rather than what I think. Thank you for holding such an amazing space with such consistent integrity over the two days. You are doing valuable work and the cross-section of your attendees (from diving equipment importers to accountants) reflects that you are initiating a powerful fractal.
I wish you the very best with your programmes in the future and the ongoing discovery of your highest truths on your respective paths.
l will recommend your programme to all in my circle with an immense amount of glee!
Journey well."

Michael - DeHoek Country Hotel:
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience your most interesting and inspiring course. It has given me more energy and also encourages me to play more BLUE cards (positive energy) than RED cards (negative energy). The time spent with other people wanting to transfer positive energy also shows that there is hope in our world and as long as we all make small positive changes every day our contribution should not go unnoticed.

Thanks once again for the ENERGY."

Innocentia - Telkom Foundation:
"I found the program very interesting and it made me deeply introspective. It made me want to make my work environment, and the world that I leave behind, a positive world (in the language of the Program, a BLUE world - as opposed to a RED world). I learned that in most cases we are responsible in terms of how we manage the world around us.

What I found most fascinating were the Sessions when we were given a chance to write down in private all that we perceive to be RED and BLUE in our lives. I therefore was able to realise that there are two sides to life - we live in both a harsh world and in an infinite world. No matter what, one must make sure that one does not just exist, but to live life to the fullest.

It is up to me to make sure that I apply my energy positively towards making my world, including my working environment, BLUE rather than RED."

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