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60 Years in 60 Minutes

I have had the fun and fascination of looking back over a 60 year career in corporates, since I started as an Official Learner on a Gold Mine in 1956.
Subsequent to that I have enjoyed being an aspirant lawyer, a brewer, a consultant, a professional director of a variety of companies, a shopkeeper and most of all, a teacher of Human energy, the crucial ingredient of all human outcomes.
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One theme I chose was "planning". The process that we all do all day, but which the corporate world still does once or twice a year at an expensive off-site hideaway.

I tracked the planning process and it's key components over six decades and extracted the learning from my own successes and, I admit, quite a few failures.

What worked; but what didn't?

The key wisdoms distilled quite easily into an hour of light-hearted sharing; but with it, a serious assessment of what needs to change if a business wants to thrive rather than die, in this new Quantum World that Technology is revealing at near to breakneck speed.

What do we need to do differently?

I get energy from engaging with business leaders and managers who are battling to think of how to plan an exciting, or at least a safe road through the rapidly growing Risks that threaten them, and finding the Opportunities that could rescue, even perhaps, enhance their Returns.

And then how to ensure willing and high energy followers!

Will you give me an hour of your Top Team's time to impart my knowledge on this subject?

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