122 students

The Personal Energy Journey is a search to understand and master, on a sustainable basis, our own energy.

  We start by becoming aware of the crucial role that our energy plays in ALL our outcomes.  We work better, play better, dance and sing better, drive better – even sleep better – when our personal energy is high.  But when it is low, we slump.

Inevitably we then see just how infectious human energy is.  Yours affects mine, just as mine affects yours.  And together we affect others, near and far away.

Three questions then emerge and demand and deserve credible and well-researched answers:

1.  Why does energy play such a fundamental role in all our outcomes?

2.  Where does energy come from?

3.  How do we master it?  What do we do on a bad hair day, or when our emotions are negative, or we are physically hampered?

The Energy Journey takes us to sound answers to all three of these important questions; and then makes the most exciting observation that Human Energy is


Clean and Green.