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Business Approach

We use an integrative approach in the sense that we draw from the best of business, scientific and human development thinking. Our program is relevant to the lives of those from all walks of life, particularly for the South African context. Our learning process is considered to be pragmatic in execution, and participants say its impact is profound and lasting.

We provide participants with simple tools that they can use every day in their families, communities and organisations to bring about sustainable change. But we do not claim to be the latest, 'quick-fix' concept that will ensure success. The success of our programs relies on participants using the array of tools we provide.

Using practical exercises, partnerships, group work, discussions and other exciting methods, participants experience and identify the inhibitors which adversely affect their performance and the achievement of their objectives.

The diversity of the participants is integral to the discovery and learning process. The diversity of individuals contributes to the diversity of the views shared, and this is believed to add tremendous richness to the quality of the debate, which occurs throughout the program. The diversity of participants on programs truly represents South Africa's rich diversity of people. They are drawn from every race, language, religion, level of education, age group and political affiliation.

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