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The Team

Colin Hall Colin Hall

Corporate facilitator,


Colin Hall was a corporate man for 50 years serving on many company Boards including South African Breweries and the Wooltru Group, which he put together and chaired for some years.

On that journey Colin's passion became people - as individuals, in teams and as part of society. Colin visited the Covey Institute in Utah where he acquired the rights to Covey's work and introduced the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to South Africa through the Wooltru Leadership Program which he ran personally.

In the initial stages, the Wooltru Leadership Program focused mainly on the teachings of Stephen Covey but as new thinking on leadership, human organisation, business practice and scientific discovery emerged, the Program began to take on a unique flavour and redefined "leadership".

Since 1992, Colin has conducted programs that are changing corporate culture. Through the Learning To Lead program, which he and his son Steve have crafted together, they hope to create new, simpler pictures of leadership relevant to the Quantum Age and appropriate to South Africa, and Africa.

The wisdom they use is drawn from 50 years of business and professional experience and from a deep study of History, Old Cultures (especially our own African heritage), from Nature (which has remarkable lessons to teach), and from New Science (with its extraordinary ability to explain how humans and human systems work). Latterly, and most excitingly, they draw from the research they have undertaken on how the human brain really works.

Together they have shared this search for leadership with more than 50,000 colleagues, businessmen and women, professionals, local government officials, members of the South African Cabinet, members of the South African Police Service, educators and learners and countless heroes and heroines of the Community. All have been their teachers on the way.

Steve Hall Steve Hall

Facilitator, Johannesburg


Steve has a BA Degree from the University of Cape Town in Psychology, Economics, Politics and Philosophy.

In 1993 he travelled the world for a year and whilst in Utah qualified as a licensed facilitator of the work of Dr Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Upon his return to South Africa he facilitated the Wooltru Leadership Program and contributed to the evolution of that Program into the current Learning To Lead Program. He is a Director of Learning To Lead.

Steve is a natural facilitator. He shares wisdom easily, whilst drawing wisdom and experience from the participants, many of whom will have had wider and more extensive experience than his.

His love and intimate knowledge of nature has enriched his facilitation. He uses nature as his source of example and metaphor.

Whilst he facilitates a wide range of programs on Human Skills, Leadership and Management, his first love is our Energy Journey. He understands it, lives it and is an excellent guide for both individuals and teams who want to master their energy on a sustainable basis.

In the last three years Steve has added a fascinating new dimension to what he offers and how it is offered.
The Acronym which he uses to describe it, is F I E L D :

Essentially it flows from a strong view he holds that Leadership cannot be taught; it has to be learnt.

So while all his programs are facilitated to create structure, the excitement and novelty lies in the unique situations he creates which are opportunities for deep and personal "ah-ha" moments.

He lives in Gauteng with his wife Cath and their two children, Hannah and Jonathan.

David (Feathers) Peacock David (Feathers) Peacock

Finance, Johannesburg


David and his family moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa in 2001 and they have enjoyed the change immensely. He has a quick sense of humour and adds a huge amount of energy to the team every day.

His BIG YES's are squash and chocolate.

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