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Our range of Programmes

The range of human energy management experiences offered by Learning To Lead

  1. The two day Learning To Lead HUMAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME for top executives and potential leaders within an organisation. Preferably fully residential or at least with a private dinner midway. Ideally 12 to 25 delegates.

  2. The same 8 module Learning To Lead HUMAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME delivered in separate modules over several days to fit busy schedules that do not allow time for a two day breakaway. Ideally 12 to 25 delegates.

  3. A one day high energy experience called an ENERGY DAY. This day creates real awareness of the critical role that human energy plays in individual and team effectiveness. An ideal Program to use to cascade the energy philosophy into the lower levels in an organisation. Ideally 20 to 50 delegates (but can be more).

  4. A half day experience to create the awareness of HUMAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT as the crucial determinant of personal and organisational effectiveness. This is combined with an eQ Energy Survey which measures the energy of the group at the personal, organisational and leadership levels. Ideally up to 50 delegates, but can be stretched to as many as 400.

  5. A 1 hour INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION for large audiences. This is designed to create an awareness of the key role that human energy plays in human performance.

  6. COACHING. One-on-one and small teams.


    Our range of programmes designed with a serious intellectual challenge, a full energy-based debrief and a solid lasting take home for every delegate. Any number of delegates. At the core of every team building exercise is a high energy participative learning exercise, but we do not use physical stretch such as white water rafting or bungee jumping. Our experience of these is that the lessons, such as they are, do not last.

    1. LEADERSHIP SAFARI. A four day Game Park Safari for top executives aware of Nature as a unique place of learning. Most of the learning appropriate to corporate life takes place under a thorn tree out in "the Bush" or under giant fig tree alongside a river bed. "Bush" breakfasts, "Boma" dinners and Game Rangers who know the "Bush" and its magic add to the experience.

    2. TRACKING. The oldest science of mankind. This is a joint presentation offered by Alex van den Heever, Renias Mhlongo and Steve Hall. It is especially valuable to those involved in any way with audit trails, but the experience and the metaphors provide profound insights into human and organisational behaviour. Up to 100 delegates.

    3. THE POWER OF THE PRIDE. This is a unique experience offered by Ian Thomas. It is debriefed fully into top executive/boardroom behaviours and highlights the critical question: "Can this team really hunt buffalo together?"  Up to 100 delegates.

    4. ISANDLWANA and RORKE'S DRIFT. In less than 24 hours the British Colonial Army suffered its most ignominious defeat and its most glorious victory in the unnecessary confrontation with the Zulu people. Rob Caskie, who has inherited the mantle of the legendary David Rattray, brings this absolutely remarkable story alive so that his audience can feel, smell, hear and understand the extreme examples of humanity – courage, cowardice, stupidity, intelligence, bureaucracy, intuition, ruthless disregard for human lives and, at the same time, extraordinary care for ones fellow men. Fully debriefed into the current human behaviours in organisations. This experience is unforgettable, at the Battlefields themselves, or in a conference room. Up to 100 delegates.

    5. Programs which make conference rooms come alive:
      MAMA TAMBO'S WEDDING. A dream wedding has to be organised by the group, seated 10 delegates per team. It teaches a respect for cross-cultural differences and diversity in the workplace. It is half a day of high energy, carefully debriefed to the client’s priorities. Any number of delegates from 80 to 400.

  8. Learning To Lead eQ ENERGY SURVEY. We have developed, tested and extensively used a battery of energy tests that give our clients a unique capacity to measure current levels of human energy within their organisations at three levels: personal energy, leadership energy and organisational energy.

All our programmes share our underlying philosophy of embracing positive human energy to maximise the potential of individuals and organisations. All are appropriate to Africa.

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For additional information, or to book for one of these workshops, contact:

Colin Hall
Cell phone: +27(0)82 568 7887

 Learning To Lead : Tailor Made Progammes

Whilst human energy management is our constant focus and theme because it is the key determinant of human effectiveness, we tailor Programmes to focus on the current needs of a client. We ensure that at the end of the experience the task that needed to be done is completed and implemented with enhanced and sustainable energy.

Examples are: 

Over 50 years of business experience has given Colin Hall a unique insight into the sort of corporate problems that arise from time to time. These problems, if not carefully handled and resolved, result in low energy responses amongst key people and a debilitating lack of commitment.

We are BEE and NQF compliant.


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