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Mama Tambo's Wedding

Mama Tambo's Wedding is a learning experience designed especially for Africa.

The challenge to each individual, and to the individual in teams, is to arrange a dream wedding for a precious daughter.

It is simple to understand and easy to get excited about as the learning unfolds. It is ideal for large groups – from a minimum of 40 to any number a venue can hold. It works best when the participants truly reflect the diversity of South Africa. As big as the group may be, every individual has a specific role to play throughout the experience – there are no passengers. It can be run and debriefed in as little as four hours, but it is ideal as the core experience in a whole unique and memorable seven-hour day.

The learning comes through the experience itself and then is comprehensively debriefed with an emphasis upon the issues and priorities of the client in the day-to-day work place.

Perhaps its most powerful learning comes from the constant lively cross-cultural dialogue and the exciting discovery of diversity as an extraordinary gift rather than a costly nuisance. People from all walks of life see each other differently and positively. The magic of Africa is that cultures so different can live and thrive side-by-side.

Participant's Feedback on Mama Tambo's Wedding

Feedback by Woolworths Finance Group - Conference held Thursday 30th Aug 2007:

Results from Questionnaire:

Mama Tambo's Wedding was a good theme and the theme was relevant to the content of the day. For you, what was the highlight of the day? What aspect of the day was least effective? Any other feedback?

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