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Play Blue

Our website for individuals, as against this, our site for teams and organisations.
"Why PLAYBLUE?" it is because BLUE is our code colour for behaviour towards others that lifts the energy between them. offers stories from the heart. They are stories about positive human energy. They are powerful, lovely and sometimes touching stories about bringing the humanity out in humans.

We will be offering e-learning courses in the near future.

Our latest course "Personal Energy Journey"

Dr Lynette Steele

My Personal Energy - how to measure and manage it on a sustainable basis. Dr Lynette Steele, who is a medical doctor and a specialist in energy medicine writes "Managing personal energy can create health, wellness and balance within, but more importantly it can extend further to heal relationships through balanced and inspirational leadership."

We have loved working with her, and we are sure you will too.

Andrea Brand

Andrea Brand is a qualified Art Therapist, Artist and Family Constellation Practitioner.

She has 10 years experience as a facilitator and consultant in the corporate sector, as well as in the fields of adult education and community development.

Gerrit Cloete

Gerrit is a performance coach and consultant. In his current business, High Performance Solutions, he has brought together a set of philosophies and methodologies that help people to understand themselves better, understand how they do their best work, and then do their work in the most effective and efficient way.

Carol Halliday

Carol Halliday is a partner in an events company called 'Events Galore'. She has been in the conference and hospitality industry for 6 years. In addition to obtaining her early childhood development teaching diploma, she has always had a passion for the arrangement and delivery of effective events and co-ordination. She has run a number of varied events, ranging from launches, public lectures, social events and teambuilding.

North Star Solutions

Improve energy levels, morale and productivity! North Star Solutions will teach your employees how to improve their personal money management skills. For more information and to book a workshop.

Call Paul on 083 260 2970 or email him at

The Bridge

Mabatho Seeiso an associate of LTL, has had extensive and diverse work experience mainly in marketing, strategy and asset management. At one stage of her career, she did market commentary on Radio Lesedi. In March 2007, Mabatho left the asset management industry to pursue her passion. She formed The Bridge, which focuses on teaching on and facilitating personal mastery.

(c) 082 578 7315

Enlighten Education Trust

Enlighten Education Trust strive to improve the quality of education and life in the communities of the Overstrand. Our experience has been that the quality of education in general will not improve unless the problems in education are tackled from a variety of angles.

Alex van den Heever

Senior tracker, businessman and motivational speaker. The "Power of Relationships" presentation captures the essential ingredients, the intangibles and the essence of relationships in the work place.

Angus Sibley

Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and former member of the London Stock Exchange. He is now retired and lives in Paris. He writes on finance, economics and religious and philosophical topics. His special interest is in the conflicts between Christian doctrine and current economic theory and practice.


Symphonia is an Organisational Change practice that works with leaders to engage their stakeholders so that talent, human energy and creativity is maximized. Our mission is to ignite a sense of possibility everywhere we work.

Elise Burns-Hoffman

Elise, an accredited associate since 2007, heads up Burns-Hoffman and Associates, a risk and claims consulting organisation. As a facilitator she developed the "Kickstart" program.

Coach Matching

CoachMatching partners with organisations to identify the most appropriate solution to achieve specific organisational results. Collaborative consulting forms the basis on which to identify and develop the most appropriate solution for each client.

Principal to Principal

Principal to Principal connects retired Principals with schools where there is need to coach and mentor the Principals and management teams.

Victoria Duncan

Victoria heads up Stratix Consulting, an agency that provides variable cost support to companies by assisting them with change management. Victoria's skills are specialised in project management and the implementation of strategic projects; cultural enablement and its alignment to operating model structures; and macro research on economic, social and workforce trends. Victoria is a firm believer that the effective engagement of people is integral to enabling any change.

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