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What are we referring to when we talk of ENERGY:

It took a long time. It was an arduous journey. But one day it "hit me like a brick". I suddenly realised that when my ENERGY went up, when it was positive and high, I could fly - but when it was low, or worse negative, when it slumped, so did I and with me my outcomes. With all my qualifications, competence, skills and experience I could hardly do a thing well when my energy slumped. Sometimes I could do nothing at all!

Steve and I have asked thousands of people from all walks of life about the impact of their energy upon their outcomes, and they all nod in agreement.

ENERGY!  Stop reading and reflect upon that word and what it means to you.

Einstein quoteEverything is Energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not Philosophy. This is Physics.
- Albert Einstein


ENERGY!  Mafolofolo, mahlagahlaga, voema, drive, power (but not power others have over you or you have over others - but rather power you have over yourself, your life and the way you choose to live it).  It could be enthusiasm, passion and attitude, but definitely not bubble or hype.  Neither of those are real energy.  The frantic cavorting of a chicken robbed of its head is not energy!

Can you remember when you didn’t have energy?  Can you remember when it was low, or even negative?  Can you remember when you were filled with high and positive energy?  Can you feel it when you think about it?  Are you aware of it?  How is it now?  And does it impact upon everything you do - both positively and negatively?

Is your energy high and climbing ... or is it low and falling?  How does it compare today with yesterday; now compared with a year ago?  When you wake up does the day welcome you or do you wish you could sleep it away?  Have you got enough to keep on doing what you have to do?  Have you got enough to lead and inspire others?

Where is your energy at this moment in your life? 

Perhaps this is a good place to stop and think about human outcomes.

  • What do you define as 'living fully'?
  • What are you striving to achieve?
  • What is your purpose?
  • When 'death finds you' will you still be alive? - Malidome Some asks.
  • Doing what?
  • Fulfilling what purpose?

Is it wealth - money capital?  Perhaps it's health - physical capital - and with it a vague promise of longevity?  Is it power equity which, if we have enough, will enable us to make others do as we wish for our sakes?  Is it intellectual equity that will make us smarter than others?  Is it moral capital that will ensure us a good life after death?

Or is it energy in abundance that creates social or relationship capital?  If I have high energy I will create a high energy network of relationships around me and that will surely enable me to enhance my total capital of whatever kind.  Why?  Because energy is the key determinant of success or failure - and relationships are all there is.

Our four wisdoms:

  1. Your energy is the key to ALL your outcomes. At work; at home; at play; in the traffic; and even when sleeping! When your energy is high, you can fly. But when it is low, or worse still negative, ALL your efforts and outcomes slump.
  2. Your energy affects mine; my energy affects yours; and our energy affects everyone else's. Human energy is infectious.
  3. The reason why high energy individuals and teams do so well is because there is a direct link between the human brain and human energy. When energy is high the brain works faster and better.
  4. What is true of an individual is magically true of what we call "A COLLECTIVE BRAIN" - i.e. when we all think TOGETHER. This is crucial to your success in the Communities in which you work.

If you accept those four key propositions, you will surely want to know "HOW?". If there was one simple answer, one key that fitted every lock, we would have gladly given you a spare key. But, as we explained, it is about BALANCE and TRUST and a solid sense of BELONGING. And just as every person in the world is unique, so too is your unique combination.

To try to help people who we have met on Workshops to find their unique "combination" Steve and I wrote a book. We called it "Fully Alive". It is a guide to fellow travellers on the journey to living fully. To make it easier to read and to distribute we have published it in the form of Eight Letters which we send out at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. So if you are interested, please contact us to receive the rest of the series.

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