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Our History

Learning to Lead has grown out of the Wooltru Leadership Program and the Leadership - A Simpler Way Program.

The Wooltru Leadership Program was started when change in South Africa was inevitable, we believed that the new dispensation in South Africa would require strong leaders. The struggle played its part in developing many amazing leaders, but it also crushed the spirit of leadership in many of our people.

In the initial stages, the Wooltru Leadership Program focused mainly on the teachings of Stephen Covey but as new thinking on leadership, human organisation, business practice and scientific discovery emerged, the Program began to take on a unique flavour.

As a result of Wooltru's unbundling in 2000, the decision was taken to run the Program independently. We changed the name to Leadership - A Simpler Way. We now call the program Learning to Lead.

Leading is a journey - an inner one and an outer one. There is no final destination; rather twists and turns in the road. On every program, we believe that we are on a journey towards understanding the art of leading a little better. We learn as much from our participants as they learn from us. This paradigm shift for us has indeed been an exciting one!

We have developed a number of distinct programs which all focus on developing leaders. The programs share the same theoretical background and approach, but are designed to meet the specific needs of the audiences they are addressing.

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